It's crackling a little bit in the background. A gentle, rhythmic, repetetive cracking sound. I have to get up to turn it round as I want to listen to the end. Fascination vinyl record. And fascination 'Beatles', of course. All over the world, the different editions of their music pressed in vinyl probably are innumerable, no matter if they are products of that legendary group or of one of their manifold solo-projects. No catalogue in the whole world contains a complete list of all the legally and illegally produced albums and singles of the four gentlemen from Liverpool.


This is why - sorry to say - also the contents of my web site is incomplete and never will be able to claim completeness, even though I mostly restrict myself to the editions produced in or for Germany. Various new editions and corrections (among others due to misspellings) increase the multitude of published versions. Countless bootlegs add to the problem. So I'll probably never be idle.

The non-German editions are only mentioned here if they are of special interest.

Especially with the solo-projects there are editions which have never been published directly in Germany. I have included them for the sake of completeness, of course. Sorry to say, some editions of the solo-projects were published only on CD. It could be, however, that until today I've been ignorant of existing editions in vinyl. Those items are also mentioned then, of course.

It will take some time before everything on this site will present itself the way I wish. Especially in the beginning there will remain many empty spots. So check again, once in a while!


And - last, but not least - I'd be glad, of course, to receive hints and to establish contacts, which will help to complete my survey and remove existing faults, respectively. I'd also be pleased to exchange high resolution photocopies of albums and singles on CD-ROM. And I'm glad about every comment in my guest book. So I hope you will find on my site what you've been looking for!